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“Need catering for your party, event or simply for lunch at your office? Brothers Kebab provides catering for both big and small events”. We bring the equipment, fresh vegetables, our homemade sauces, meat rolls made from high quality halal certified imported meat and last but not least members of our friendly and experienced team. We recommend that you let us prepare the food onsite to give your guests the full experience. However, we can also deliver ready made food from any of our shops to your private party, business event or just a working lunch. Please contact us for more details.
lamb kebab

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310 Fengxian Road (near Shanxi North Road)
Tel: +86 (21) 5265 5177


389 West Nanjing Road(Near Huangpi North Road) Tomorrow Square B1
Tel: +86 (21) 6313 1077


C1, Carrefour, 268 South Shuicheng Road
Tel: +86 (21) 6483 5077


1F-B1, Building 1, 758 Julu Road(near Fumin Road)
Tel: +86 (21) 6266 8971


117 Zunyi Road (near Ziyun Road)
Tel: +86 (21) 5235 7077


N1-23, 1st Floor, New Land Plaza 528 North Nanquan Road (near Shangcheng Road)
Tel: +86 (21) 5836 8277


C108, B1, Magnolia Plaza,555 West Huaihai Road
Tel: +86 136 6145 4215

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  Summer is here and Shanghai is buzzing with life. We couldn’t think of a better time to open our 7th Brothers Kebab location. Really excited to announce the opening of our new location at Julu Road 758. Yes, it is in the MORE THAN EAT complex on Julu Road near Fumin Road. We have been big fans of this location for years and are thrilled to join a great group of F&B colleagues here. We are adding our middle eastern inspired comfort food to the mix of Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, French and more. You now have even […]

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We are adding our best selling Kebab wrap to the line up of DAILY DEALS.We know it’s tempting to eat the wrap on every single visit but we encourage you to try all of our Brothers Kebab dishes that we have created especially for you. To add some incentive we offer your a special daily deal for RMB 33. Please stop by any day you like. We hope you like it as much as we do.


#6 New shop: Huaihai Xi Rd / Hongqiao Rd

The summer holiday is over and we are excited to announce a new opening by Brothers Kebab. Please welcome the latest addition to the Brothers Kebab family. This is location #6 in Shanghai and we are thrilled to be able to reach even more of you, our amazing kebab loving friends. With our new location we are more present than ever and looking forward to a great second half of 2019. Address C108, Magnolia Plaza B1, 555 West Huaihai Road 上海市徐汇区淮海西路555号汇京国际广场B1层C108 Tel: +86 136 6145 4215   Come by our new location at Magnolia Plaza for a 2 for1 opening […]


Hot Deals! DOUBLE Meat For ¥10

New year new promotions for lovely kebab fans. Take a look what we have now. All new deals will last for 3 months, from January to March in all our shops. DOUBLE Meat For ¥10 Carnivores listen up! If you’re like us, you want to double down on a sure thing.What we’re sure you’ll like is ¥10 for DOUBLE the meat in your kebab!Order up any kebab, doner, kebab plate, or kushari and place down just ¥10 more for double the amount of meat.


Hot Deals! Chicken Fattoush Salad for only ¥35

New year new promotions for lovely kebab fans. Take a look what we have now. All new deals will last for 3 months, from January to March in all our shops. Chicken Fattoush Salad for only ¥35 Are you hungry but want a slightly healthier option? The Chicken Fattoush Salad is just for you! We’re now offering it for just ¥35. We slice off grilled chicken from our kebab over the fattoush, a fresh and healthy Middle Eastern salad with lettuce, cucumber, onion and crispy pieces of fried bread.


Hot Deals! Kushari Set For ¥55

New year new promotions for lovely kebab fans. Take a look what we have now. All new deals will last for 3 months, from January to March in all our shops. Winter Warmer: Kushari Set For ¥55 It’s freezing cold out and all you want is some good ol’ comfort food to keep your bellies warm. We have just the ticket for you—our new Kushari Set. Fill up with our kushari, a delicious mix of rice, pasta and lentils topped with a homemade tomato sauce, and your choice of grilled meat, and crispy onions. The set is ¥55 and includes […]

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History of the Kebab

Kebabs have rapidly become a famous and tasty delicacy across the world. So how did this tasty treat come about? Its history traces back to both Asian and African influences. The word kebab came to English in the late 17th century, from the Arabic word that means “to burn” or “to roast”. There are many countries that serve kebabs, all delicious variations from vendor stalls in Afghanistan to the doner kebabs in Turkey (and in the UK and Europe as well). Unlike meat on skewers, the Doner Kebab is cooked in a horizontal stack. It was introduced and popularized in […]

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Our Top 3 Favorite Drunk Foods!

When you head out to party this New Year’s Eve, just remember that the best hangover cure is by filling your belly with some good food. It just so happens that Brothers Kebab delivers the best drunk food this city has to offer! And here’s our TOP 3 recommendations: Shawarma Pita ¥40 Chunks of exquisitely seasoned kebab meat with freshly cut veggies topped with homemade sauce, served in a hot pita bread. And you can choose the type of meat you want! Doner Wrap ¥40 A super-sized durum wrap filled with our signature kebab meat and fresh veggies topped with […]

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Best Falafel in Shanghai at Brothers Kebab!

Hey Brothers Kebab fans! Did you know we do the best falafel in Shanghai? Now you do! We’re one of the best restaurants in Shanghai for this Middle Eastern favorite! What is a falafel you say? A fried ball of chickpeas seasoned with herbs! This is what City Weekend had to say about our falafel: With five locations all over the city (the latest at Nanjing Xi Lu), this falafel shop is a well-known mainstay. At RMB18 for an order of four, the falafel at this joint is cheaper than most. A wrap or pita pocket will set you back […]

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi everybody: We’d like to wish our dear friends, family and fans of Brothers Kebab a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Love BROTHERS KEBAB Thank you for your support and loyal following throughout the years, and we look forward to seeing you and serving you in the New Year.


Our Biggest Milestones of the Year!

The past year, Brothers Kebab has seen tremendous support for our brand, and we have grown ever stronger. We wouldn’t have achieved our biggest milestones of the year without YOU! BROTHERS KEBAB  2017 | *Brothers Kebab now has 5 locations in Shanghai, our latest at Tomorrow Square near People’s Square. | *We’ve extended our operation hours on Wulumuqi Zhong Lu to 4am every Friday and Saturday, by YOUR request! | *Brothers Kebab had the great pleasure of participating in many events throughout the year, including Concrete & Grass Music Festival, the End of Summer Pool Party with Nordic Joint Chambers, […]


Beef DonerBrothers Kebab came to life in 2013 when a couple of good friends from Denmark finally gave in to their own kebab craving and opened a small shop in Changle Lu. We now have multiple locations across the city and there is more to come.
Our philosophy is simple, be it in our personal lives or in business - we put integrity first in everything we do. We find a great sense of purpose in serving a quality meal with a smile at a very reasonable price. That’s it!
Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it's doing the right thing all the time. Integrity is keeping your word!
All our food is made from scratch with fresh high quality ingredients. It’s all about great food that we can’t stop craving ourselves. 
MEAT ROLLS are made from high quality imported halal certified meat. We cut and marinade the meat ourselves before carefully building the rolls by hand. This ensures that you get the same great taste every time no matter what store you visit.
Falafel and hummus is made inhouse from scratch with quality chickpeas and other fresh ingredients. The same goes for our tzatziki and sauces. To give you an example we even make our own mayonnaise from scratch to ensure a great and consistent taste. For the garlic mayo we pack it with fresh garlic to get a proper kick. Try it with our imported super crispy french fries...