Vegetarians Welcome at Brothers Kebab!

Brothers Kebab is not only certified halal, but we are also vegetarian-friendly!
Here our favorite vegetarian/vegan-friendly dishes at Brothers Kebab:
Falafel — ¥ 18
Each order includes four falafels and comes with our house made creamy dill.
Our falafels are the most versatile side dish on the menu, too!You can enjoy it on its own with one of our many sauces,
eat it as a doner wrap ¥40 or combine it with salad.
Fattoush — ¥ 42
This fresh and healthy Middle Eastern salad is made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber,
onion and crispy pieces of fried bread. Again, swap out the meat for fattoush at no extra cost.
Kushari  — ¥ 42
Originating from Egypt, this mixed rice dish consists of a delicious medley of rice, pasta and
lentils topped with a homemade tomato sauce and crispy onions. It usually comes with meat,
but you can swap it out for Kushari and you have yourself a full vegan meal!