Origin Story: What is a Lahmacun?

Origin Story: What is a Lahmacun? 

Here at Brothers Kebab, we care about customers and love it every time we receive awesome feedback about our new launches.

We care about food education, too!

So here’s an origin story about our Lahmacun and why you should try this thin crust bread.

Lahmacun — Pizza of The Middle East

A snack-sized thin crust pizza whose name is derived from Arabic: laḥm bi-ʿajīn, meaning meat with dough.

It’s a delicious Middle Eastern staple that has existed for thousands of years.

Stop in at Brothers Kebab for the Lahmacun, topped with our homemade minced meat tomato-based sauce for ¥35.

It’s not overly filling and it’s perfect for a midday snack.

Pair it with one of our sauces! We recommend garlic mayo or tzatziki.