Summer is here and Shanghai is buzzing with life. We couldn’t think of a better time to open our 7th Brothers Kebab location.

Really excited to announce the opening of our new location at Julu Road 758. Yes, it is in the MORE THAN EAT complex on Julu Road near Fumin Road.

We have been big fans of this location for years and are thrilled to join a great group of F&B colleagues here. We are adding our middle eastern inspired comfort food to the mix of Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, French and more.

You now have even more reason to visit Julu Road 758 and we look forward to see you. Please do come by and visit us, hang out and have a great time.

Opening Specials: As a special opening promotion we offer you a daily special at only RMB 33. Every day from Monday to Friday you will find one of our classic dishes available at this bargain price. It has never been more tempting to try a variety of dishes at Brothers Kebab.


60x80cm updated deal