Why Do We Eat Lamb During Winter?

You’ve probably heard it since the temperature dropped. “It’s cold now, let’s eat lamb!”

Why are we only hearing this now and not during the summer?


Here’s why people generally gravitate to eat lamb during the winter months:

It is related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the yin-yang of cold/hot in foods. 


In the summer, people who follow this philosophy will generally stay away from dishes like lamb,

but will gravitate to them in the winter. You’d hear words like “heaty” or “Shang Huo” to describe it, too.

Lamb falls under the “warming” foods, helping the “yang” energy. Supposedly, this helps reduce cold symptoms such as cold body, clammy skin, stomachache, lack of energy, sore joints, and fluid retention. To reduce coldness, it is best to increase intake of warm foods such lamb!

Of course, for those who eat lamb regularly, this might not apply to them, as their bodies may have regulated to their intake.


Foods are oftentimes used to complement each other for the body to achieve a yin-yang equilibrium—

so that’s one more reason to enjoy lamb this season!


That said, stop in at Brothers Kebab every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for our lamb kebab to keep warm this winter.

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